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Parent Songs


Laird Fetzer HamblinOne, Who's Story's Very Old; One, Who's Story's Yet Untold

One, Whose Story's Very Old; One, Whose Story's Yet Untold


Little child, looking carefully, into my eyes; [as you look into my eyes;]

you are asking, “Can I trust you?";

“Will you listen to my cries?"


Precious child, I will teach you all I can,

and help you, thru your fears;

As I do, you’ll teach me many things,

that I’ve forgotten thru the years.


I’ll teach you names of plants and birds;

how to read and write in words.


You’ll teach me I should laugh, and cry;

and ask again, each question “Why?”


Today we walk here side by side,

one, whose story’s very old,

one, whose story’s yet untold.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin