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Death Songs


Laird Fetzer HamblinBack; To Where You've Been

Back to Where You’ve Been


You’re leaving on your own;

journeying alone;

back to where you’ve been,

to everyone you knew then.

Soon, you will be gone;

you are traveling on.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


As I Travel From Star To Star

As I travel from star to star,

I’ll remember where you are.

You're the reason why

I don’t want to say goodbye.

In the place where I’ll be,

there are friends and family.

You still have life to live,

you’ve much to learn and give.

When your time on Earth is thru,

again I’ll be with you.

Laird Fetzer Hamblin


Laird Fetzer HamblinWith All That I See Now, I Think Of Our Love

I Think Of Our Love


I watch all the stars with their twinkling glow.

I Stare at the moon, casting shadows below.

They’re not the same when I watch on my own.

It’s not the same when I stand here alone.

Tomorrow, the sun will soon rise up and shine.

Tomorrow, the clouds in new shapes will combine.

Tomorrow, the song birds will wake up and sing.

For me, tomorrow, fond memories will bring.

Thoughts of you walking here by my side.

Thoughts which the shadows of time cannot hide.

Memories of happiness, memories of tears.

Memories which help me forget all my fears.

I look all around me, below and above.

With all that I see now, I think of our love.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


Laird Fetzer HamblinYou're My Companion; You're My Friend

You're My Companion, You're My Friend


I look in the mirror, where you used to be.

You always stood here, along with me.

Now there are shadows, and memories past.

Where is the life, that we thought would last.

All of the hopes, and the dreams that we had.

All of our happy thoughts, now are sad.

Time keeps on moving, steadily on.

Someday, the sadness, and tears will be gone.

Even tho I can't see you, I know you're still near.

This love that we now have, will always be here.

[You can see our children, asleep on my arm.

I promise, I'll love them, and keep them from harm.]

There's no beginning, there's no end.

You're my companion, you're my friend.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


Laird Fetzer HamblinLittle Child of Ours, Can You See the Moon and Stars

Little Child Of Ours


Little child of ours,

can you see the moon and stars.

As they share their light,

on a long, and lonely night.

Tho, you’re on your own,

you are not alone.

In your heart we’re there.

All your hopes and dreams we share.

We remember, when you were young.

Your life story, was yet unsung.

As you sang, your gentle song,

we were there, to sing along,

Tho, it came, your time to go,

your melody, we know.

As you sing from far away,

We hear your, melody, today.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin